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Built for marketing savvy Amazon sellers seeking more beautiful and more powerfully targeted automatic follow-up email funnels.

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Boost the rate your organic product reviews come in with feedback requests that make buyers actually want to take action.

Our layout, messaging, and design are polished and optimized to squeeze the highest open and click thru rates.

Add on our server's 99.99% deliverability rate, and you become out-right dangerous to competing listings.

Optimize Targeting & Delivery

Customize who, what, when, where, from, and how buyers will get a feedback request email.

Including extras like targeting promo code buyers, specific ASINs, repeat buyers, past orders, etc. More on targeting options

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Gorgeous, Responsive Emails

Convert more buyers into reviewers with professionally designed, full HTML/CSS email templates that adjusts to phones & gives an amazing impression.

More importantly - you can change any and everything easily with an easy point & click editor. See more email features

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Alerts For New Product Reviews

Setup a custom email alert to be sent any time a new product review is posted on your ASIN listings.

Read more on reputation management

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Buyer Management

Add specific buyers to a blacklist so they get no more emails from you.

Buyers who are opted-out from Amazon are also automatically added to the blacklist. More on buyer features

All Of Europe, One Account

United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy marketplaces can all be run under one account and plan.

You can also send specific language-translated emails to only buyers from a certain country using Hunts.

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