People Don't Buy What You Do

They buy why you do it. To us.. it's all about the gut feelings. We all love to support people who are genuine, transparent, and share the same journey, goals & passions as us. Just good people.

So why do we do Feedbackz? What drives us?

Our pride and joy is a passion towards looking for and always experimenting new ways to rank our products higher, more sales, & bigger Amazon deposits. With some creativity and clever thinking outside the box; we are constantly finding and chasing new tactics & strategies that might be the next big win. Chasing big payoffs in increased rankings and overcoming sales plateaus.

We believe it's this same passion that overflows into our business and really shines through in our app. That's why we do Feedbackz.

Our Birthday Story

One morning James Fend, the founder, grabbed his phone and with a sleepy eye squinted at his Seller Central... there it was. His first back to back days with $1,000+ sales. In less than a year; James managed to hit $50,000/month in sales starting out with only $300 on a credit card and Aliexpress.

During the way; James applied many of the same strategies and techniques he used in his internet marketing and SEO days. He quickly learned what worked and what didn’t work when ranking products to the top. That lead James seeking tools to automate these advanced tactics he discovered and guess what?

There were none that focused towards the more advanced, go-getter type sellers, and certainly none that could handle these gem tactics. James decided to custom make his own.. Feedbackz was soon born.

Our Team

With rapid growth of awesome users, our team quickly grew to a team of 6 individuals born blessed with some serious talent. Each of us are very focused on what we do best, and gel together like a well tuned, oiled machine.

Also as a privately owned, founder-led company.. we’re able to innovate, work fast, and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.

But most importantly; our culture allows all of us to work remotely.. allowing all of us to mold life around taking care of things at home around work, and not molding work life around home. Knowing things are good at home allows us to hyper-focus & put out super high quality when it's work time.

Because You Believe In

Bringing above average ambition, drive, and hustle to your Amazon business.

Because like us, you're always looking for ways to increase your product's search rankings, optimizing your listings, raising conversions, and ultimately averaging more units per day.

Above average sellers need above average software created and ran by people passionate about higher conversions & rankings just.. like.. you.

Our shared passions spill directly into Feedbackz through constant innovative features and ideals found only in our app.

That's our difference to you.

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