Sellers in the US click here (sellers in Europe click here) and log into your Amazon account.

1. On the next screen (pictured below), select the 3rd bullet option I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.

2. Copy and paste in
Developer’s Name: Feedbackz
Developer Account Number (for US Sellers): 1321-4613-3348
Developer Account Number (for Europe Sellers): 7373-5827-6175

3. After you hit the Next button, agree and accept the two checkboxes and hit Next again.

4. Copy and paste Seller ID and MWS Auth Token into Feedbackz. (be sure to copy/paste/save this page as you won’t be able to access it again without starting from scratch).

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James Fend is the Founder of Helpify and Feedbackz. He also owns ecommerce companies with 6-figure yearly sales through Amazon and his online stores. He focuses on content & inbound marketing, SEO, and web design.