Beautiful, Higher Converting Emails

It's 2019, average emails produce mediocre results. Take your Amazon brand to the next level with our obsession to details in design & impactful features.

Mobile Responsive Layouts

Look awesome on phones and tablets with our 100% Mobile Responsive code framework. Works perfectly on any email app: Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Full HTML/CSS Template

Clean, efficient, and 100% fully customizable; we use the latest techonology & design standards to power our emails.

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Amazon email template editor 1d02b484051c9b50578a6b5d55fc97dace54430c3aba1e07e13aea27936e0806

Point, Click, Edit

Editing so easy, a caveman can do it. Add images, edit colors, edit links, edit buttons, edit text, ... with a few mouse clicks. Never needing to know a line of code.

Personalize Each Email

Personalize each email with buyer and product information specifically from that order using Auto Fill Tags.

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Amazon feedback request templates df10cd3942ed10f39ec238d6fde01c21f9531f26e0e2e4468e1b493ad6645b11

Pre-Made Templates

6 pre-made templates available to quickly get you sending emails right away. Each focuses on a goal like: general follow up, asking for a product review on a specific ASIN, etc ... Use them as is or as a guideline with your custom tweaks.

Custom Links To Amazon

Custom links that send buyers straight to Amazon's product review section with your product appearing at the top. Use these links on product images, product titles, buttons, etc ...

Amazon product review url link 2a3a179bbcb269424c7e99e3141d1e40940992792176884abeef2bf51b8c7217
Amazon pending feedback request 13060755cec6b2015350ff718281db8ab25c8e96b23d08601739057667589554

Track Pending & Sent

View a full list of all scheduled, pending emails waiting to be sent out including send date, time, buyer, order, etc. And, once they go out, you can view a list of all those sent as well.

Custom Subject Lines

Customize an email's subject line to capture attention in their inbox and boost open rates.

Send File Attachments

Deliver important files with emails: pdfs, instructions, manuals, bonus material, ebooks, images, etc,.. up to 7mb.

Preview & Test

Send yourself test emails to preview & verify before going live. Also enable Daily Monitoring which sends you a copy of emails sent daily.

Powerful Targeting & Delivery Options

Timing is key. Reach the right buyers at the right time with the right messaging. Each Hunt campaign you create has it's own custom timing & order filtering that you set for sending one email - allowing you to build effective email sequences.

Amazon feedback request delivery cd1cfcffbcc327ac15d01ebcb86b4f76b0e9fcb21fab861553d390f4c113864b

by Order Status

Automate delivery times by setting the trigger to start scheduling after an order reaches a certain status: confirmed, shipped, or delivered.

by Delay

Setup the send date by choosing how many days to wait after an order reaches a certain status.

by Time Of Day

Choose the exact hour of the day you want emails to hit inboxes for the most optimal open & click thru rates.

by Past Order Date

Back track and include sending to older orders up to 200 days ago from the current date.

Only For Specific Products

Filter by ASINs - choose to send an email template to only orders that contain specific products or exclude specific products.

Only Target Promotions

Target promo code reviewers with their own set of custom emails by filtering orders accordingly to total price.

Only Repeat Buyers

Isolate and only send to those buyers with repeat orders, only first time buyers, or both.

Only Some Fulfillment Type

Pick whether you only want orders that are Fulfilled by Amazon, Fulfilled by Merchant, or both to be included.

Only Certain Countries

Send specific templates to only a certain country or combination of countries; very useful for sending language translated emails.

Amazon feedback request targeting f5645be47ca86dada543eb97f62a69963eb821c72ab3bfc55ffc886d487ad3f3

Managing Your Reputation

Monitor your ASIN listings for any new product reviews without having to pull them up manually. Other reputation monitoring features also coming soon.

Monitor alert new product reviews amazon 1d49409025879c7f5d8f07e48da26939c61c8312dabe87db52c830a9e24320ca

Track New Product Reviews

We will automatically monitor your ASIN listings for any new product reviews posted, and when they match the preferences you set - we will alert you via email.

You can add & track an unlimited amount of ASINs in any country marketplace.

Managing Your Buyers

Quickly view who has been sent emails & those with any pending emails. You can also blacklist a buyer from any future emails from the app.

Blacklist amazon buyer 28af9fb897f1da2f292d37727b6b32c7e97f6999e64fbdd98678e3b7786c39ca


Prevent a specific buyer from receiving any further communication emails from you, including any orders they may place in the future.

All Features


  • Mobile Responsive
  • Latest HTML/CSS
  • Easy Editor
  • Auto Fill Tags
  • Custom Links To Amazon
  • Pre Made Templates


  • Preview Test Sends
  • Pending & Sent Lists
  • Subject Lines
  • File Attachments


  • Order Status
  • Past Orders
  • Time of Day
  • Specific ASINs
  • Exclude ASINs
  • Promo Codes
  • Fulfillment Type
  • Country


  • Blacklist
  • Opted-Out
  • Repeat


  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain


  • New Product Review Alerts
  • Daily Stats Email
  • Daily Monitoring BCC
  • Manage Pending Emails

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