Are all mails being sent out?

Posted August 20, 2019 at 1:47am | 1 Response Resolved
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Hello, i activated a number of hunts, both going based on new order and hunts based on previous orders. Based on my daily summary it seems a lot of mails are not sent out. Did i do something wrong? 

Thanks in advance. Best regards, Richard 

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Hi Richard,

The number of orders imported certain day vs the number of sent emails may not always match up as the schedules can be slightly off usually because of "Delivered" send trigger since it's not run from any tracking numbers but only through the app's algorithm calculation estimates.So the send dates would often be a bit late or too soon. What you can do instead is to set it to "Shipped" status send trigger and just add up a number of days you think the buyers are receiving their orders.


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