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Posted October 24, 2018 at 1:05am | 4 Responses Resolved
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I am sending Product Review Mails with "Yes I Will Review" Button , but I am getting seller feedback , the wording of the feedback are like product review.

Please help am I doing something wrong here i.e directing customers to wrong link.




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Hi there,

I checked your review request template and I can confirm you are using the correct link for Product review request, however it's usually very common that sellers tend to get more seller reviews than getting product reviews, the reason being is that Amazon itself will send out various emails about purchases and direct them to leave seller feedback and this happens in various places, and most of the buyers actually don't know the differences between leaving a seller feedback and review on a product's listing page.

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I checked , Can I use the Auto Fill Tag of [[ProductReviewLink]] instead of [[SellerReviewUrl]] being already used in the button.  I have tried , but the formatting of the button goes wrong in test mail then and there is no Hyperlink also.

I think the direct link with Asin will get better results , Thanks in advance

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At the moment [[ProductReviewLink]] tag doesn't work in the button. What you can do instead is to create Hunt and set it to target specific ASIN and use direct link in the button:

You will need to replace YOURASIN with the actual Product ASIN set in the Hunt.

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Thanks Much

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