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Fix Posted February 8, 2018 at 8:13pm | 4 Comments
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Hey guys,

There was a bit of mis-information the past following days that Amazon began stripping out hyperlinks inside buyer-messages, so no buyer could actually click on any link.

This was amplified by users logging into their Seller Central and seeing 'Message without Contents' from the emails Feedbackz were sending.

And this was amplified even more by there not being a real way to test an actual real version since you can't message yourself on Amazon lol.

A few things I want to clear up: Emails, Links, Images, etc. 100% Work And Appear Correctly To Buyers

I have triple & quadruple tested amongst with friends and my own Amazon accounts that the buyers are getting the full Html email including working links, etc. (the links must go to domain though).

'Message Without Contents' Is Fixed

The reason why you see 'Message without Contents' is because we only sent the Html version of the emails. We have since yesterday added in a multi-part MIME version of the emails where we include the raw text.

Although without this MIME version; the emails were still working correctly; we wanted to calm user's fear so they could in fact see the content in the email in their own Seller Central.

To add to that; Seller Central's buyer-messages will only allow you to see the raw text, it will NOT render Html through their user interface. So what you see here will be the stripped version and not the actual full Html version your buyer gets.

I Have Triple Confirmed Buyers Gets Both:

1. An Email Copy from Amazon: with full Html with working links, images, etc.

2. The Actual Amazon Buyer Message Center: This is different than a Seller's message section.

A Hack Around Way To Test

If you want to triple-make sure and don't have any actual buyer's that you can ask what their emails looked like; this was the hack-around I had to use.

First, you will need to have a second Amazon account.

You then login in and find your way through the product listing to Contact Seller on your other account. Then just submit a simple question.

Then you will need to login in from the other account, and find the Amazon cloaked email address (like [email protected]).

Now; you will need to make sure and add [email protected] as an Approved Sender for the account you are on now.

Because what we are doing is going to a Template > Test inside the Feedbackz app, and then putting in that [email protected] email address.¬†

Once you hit Send, this will send an exact Template test copy to that address & as long as you have [email protected] as an approved sender, it will go through and it will land in your first Amazon account.

You will need to login into the Amazon buyer message center. Log into, go to Your Account in the top right dropdown, then under Email alerts, messages, and ads box in the top-middle, click on Message Center.

And from there, you can see the actual & real message of the email (and also a copy of the email that Amazon will send you).

Again; we made some changes so that 'Message without Contents' does not appear anymore and will at least show you the raw text content of the email inside your Seller Central buyer-messages.

We hope that this eases un-certainity and want to double-confirm to everybody that all is still working correctly and well.  =)


James Fend

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You are talking about What about .de, .fr, .uk, .it and .es?



Stephen February 11, 2018 at 2:13pm

Hey Seb,

Since the buyer-message relay works the same throughout their platform; pretty sure the Europe ones work correctly as well.

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Can we please clarify the operation on UK please.






Stephen February 13, 2018 at 5:29pm

Hey Jon, Could I email you? The problem is I don't personally have multiple UK accounts; just the one. But if you could Message through onto that account, then we can test it out for sure.

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Sure, if you wish to message our seller profile is; 



Stephen February 14, 2018 at 2:36pm

Awesome Jon. I have sent a buyer-message to your account. It will have the following text in it: Hey Jon, This is Stephen from Feedbackz. When you get this message, and you are inside Seller Central, you should be able to spot a '[email protected]' address for me. This is a unique email address created for each buyer-seller relationship. Once you get this email; you'll want to go and add [email protected] as an approved sender on your seller account. Then go into the Feedbackz app, and go to any template (one with links) and send a test email to the '[email protected]' email address. Once you send that, I will send you a screenshot of exactly what I get. =). And can also FW you any email.

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Have you been able to confirm yet that the links are working for .de, .fr, .uk, and .es?

Many thanks

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