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Posted August 12, 2019 at 2:41pm | 2 Responses Resolved Private
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Hi i am creating a template for "ask for reveiw on a specific product" when clicking on the phone image to change to your image are we suppose to put our asin in the image info url or the link tab url? I am pretty sure we put it in the link tab url due to when changing to your image on the image info tab it changes the url for that image. 


Also when double clicking on the yellow review this product box we are only putting our asin in the "link tap" url not the image info tab correct? 


If all is correct how do I know they work?? I have sent test emails out and when clicking on the yellow review box nothing happens??  


THank you!!

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Hi Shane,

Thanks for reaching out.

You will need to input the ASIN under the Link tab URL, and sorry for the instructions weren't clear enough, it should be this link: 

I already have updated this in your template.

After customizing this template, you will need to create a Hunt to which you will be assigning this template to. The Hunt will be responsible for matching an order that comes in based on your Hunt filters and creates and schedules an email for it.

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Awesome thank you so much Phil!  I just went in and saw as you stated you inputed everyting for me and is working. Thank you 

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