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Posted May 14, 2019 at 1:02pm | 1 Response Resolved
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Hi I am new to Feedbackz, I am loving the interface so far. I just had one quick question.  I sent a couple test emails out and they are sent from [email protected], Is this something that we can change to be sent from lets say my brands email? I'm sure this is something small but just didnt want cutomers to think its spam or something. Thank you

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Hi Shane,

Thank you for your question. This is normal as you're just sending a test email so it will only come directly from our server.

The actual From address we use to send an email to Amazon's messaging system ([email protected]) is '[email protected]'

This is universal throughout all users because '[email protected]' is approved from Amazon for us to send from and they know it won't be spam. However; you still have to approve the email address under your Approved Senders section in Amazon Seller Central. (see:

Once approved, we send from this email address ([email protected]) to the Amazon's buyers email ([email protected]) and then Amazon re-directs it and it sends it to the buyer and they use the From address as the seller's Amazon email version ([email protected]). When they reply, it goes straight to your email address that's associated with your Amazon account.

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