Emails not being sent?

Posted October 9, 2019 at 2:25pm | 3 Responses Resolved
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It doesnt appear that any of my emails have been sent for the last month or so.  Can you take a look and see what the issue is? 

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Hi there,

Upon checking, I can see sent emails from last month. Do you mean to say there are no emails sent showing from Amazon messaging interface?

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Yes, that is correct.  I can see emails that were sent last month, but nothing since.  Has something changed that I was unaware of? 

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It's possible you may have missed to add our email "[email protected]" to your Approved Sender's list, or if it was added before may have been inadvertently deleted.

So emails gettings sent from Feedbackz are being put on hold in Amazon's server.

To get this added, head over to:

In Approved Senders box, add [email protected] into that list. Click Done.

Once you Approve the email, Amazon should gradually get these emails taken off hold and let it sent through, however we are not sure how many emails they keep on hold and for how long they may have deleted portion of it.

You can still however catch up; by creating Past Order Hunts and set it to target past date range for the order dates you may have missed sending emails.

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