Emails Say They Are Being Sent But Dont Show Up In Amazon Sent Message

Posted August 25, 2019 at 1:06pm | 1 Response Resolved
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I have been using you guys for over a year and have had nothing but a good experience. I recently linked a new amazon account to a new feedbackz account and inside feedbackz it is saying that the emails are being sent "although I have had 0 opens" but when I go to my Amazon accont and go into sent messages it is completely blank with no messages. My other account shows the sent messages that were sent just this morning. Please let me know how to solve this issue and if my emails are being delivered to my customers or not.


Thank you

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Hi Aaron,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

It sounds like this may be an issue caused of possibly not being able to add our email "[email protected]" to your Approved Senders list, so emails sent from Feedbackz are being put to hold in Amazon. What you can do is to add this email, head over to: (US marketplace) or (Europe marketplace)

In Approved Senders box, add [email protected] into that list. Click Done.

Once you authorized our email, Amazon should gradually let all the emails send through, however we are not certain as to how many emails they keep on hold and for how long and they may even delete some.

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