Emails Sent to Me instead of Customer

Posted February 19, 2019 at 2:08pm | 1 Response Resolved
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I am receiving some emails with customer's names in the title, sent to my email.

Is this normal as a test? I did not request any test emails. 

I am alarmed that emails may be getting sent with names to wrong customers or that since I am receiving some customers' email that they are not receiving any.

Why would I be receiving emails from my campaign?



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Hi Daniel,

Sounds like this could be Monitoring feature enabled on one of your Hunts, what it does is it sends you daily copy of the first email sent from the Hunt.

Also, to make sure that emails are getting sent out, check your Approved Senders list to see if our email "[email protected]" is already added or not.

To check this, go to: (US marketplace) or (Europe marketplace)

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