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Posted July 25, 2019 at 9:50am | 1 Response Resolved
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We have be using Feedbackz for a couple months and have received several store/seller reviews but few to no product reviews.  Are we linking correctly?

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Hi Ian,

Amazon Sellers usually tend to get higher Seller reviews than Product reviews, the reason being is that Amazon itself sends out various emails about purchases and direct buyers to leave Seller feedback and this happens in various places, and most of the buyers actually don't know the differences between leaving a seller feedback and review on a product's listing page.

I checked your account and I can see that there is open rate showing so that is an indication the emails are being received and opened by buyers, if you only a have a few ASIN you may try creating ASIN specific Hunt and set a template to use ASIN specific review link:  *where YOURASIN should be replaced with the actual product ASIN.

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