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Posted January 18, 2019 at 9:16am | 3 Responses Resolved
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Im trying to important a large list of ASINs via a csv file. 

3 columns on the csv: Product Name, ASIN, Marketplace

save as a csv and upload

Nothing imports

Please can someone advise

Thanks !

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Hi Nick,

Usually the upload fails if there are some problems on the formatting of the contents of the CSV file. Try to check that each column is on its separate cell, as well as the headers must have the correct upper and lower case letters.


Also, try to breakdown the products by 300 or 500 ASINs per CSV file.

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The formatting is perfect from what i can see, 3 columns with the headers in correct case.

66 products in one file and 223 in another.

One of the files uploads and says 80 seconds until processed and then nothing.

The other file doesnt upload, just gives an error message:

Oops something went wrong

If you are the application owner then check the logs for more information.

This is an important part of the software you are providing as tracking reputation determines wether its worth investing into this software. So please advise a solution.

Happy to send you the csv files to see whats wrong.


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Hi Nick,

Sorry about the troubles, please send us a chat message and attach the csv files there and I will have it forwarded to our Dev team to look into.

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