Is there a need to have a Repeat Customer Hunt due to buyer info chang

Posted June 4, 2019 at 7:46am | 4 Responses Resolved
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Should we still create Repeat customer hunts or will they not work as Feedbackz will not be able to link the names up to the reoccuring purchaser

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Hi Dan,

At the moment this feature is currently removed, but our Devs are looking further into possibly keeping this feature hopefully we will have a fix for this over the next few days.

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thanks for the response mate

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Hey Dan,

So that feature actually still works..

Since each Buyer has a unique Amazon cloaked email address that is unique to Buyer-Seller relationship (and not a unique Amazon cloak email per order), we can identify if a Buyer is a repeat or not! Ā =)


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excellent thanks steph i was wondering why you still had it as a selectable featureĀ 



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