Review links automatically to Amazon US!?

Posted February 25, 2018 at 5:19pm | 3 Responses Resolved
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I'm kind of annoyed as I am a seller targeting UK and EU market only and it's only now after a couple of weeks of testing out this service that I realised the link on your template to leave a review automatically takes buyers to the US site! That means all the emails that have been sent out have been worthless as customers need to be taken to their correct marketplace site.

Why is this not made clear? To be honest I would like to re-start my free trail as I was doing it to ascertain if this service would be useful for my buisness but so far have had zero results and now I know why.




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Hi Jodie,

I'm sorry if this wasn't made clear to you, usually during Template customization there should be a notification pop-up at the bottom left corner reminding Europe users to manually set the correct domain.

I have extended your trial until March 25th and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Phil,

Unfortunately I never saw this pop up when editing the form. The button itself was tricky to customise in fact and on first look I wasn't sure if it was possible to edit the link at all.

I appreciate the extention.



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Thanks for your feedback Jodie, we will let our Dev team know about this.

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