should URLs include local market place or default

Posted August 12, 2019 at 10:45am | 1 Response Resolved
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Hello, i activated a number of hunts with the objective to get a product reveiw on a specific prodct. I got a message in a pop up that all URLs need to be changed to the local market place. Does that mean that the below URL (reveiw now button) actually should start for UK and for Germany for example?

I just want to make sure i get it right. So far i sent out a lot of hunts but no taingable results to date. Any other tips are very appreiacted. Thank you in advance. Best, Richard

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Hi Richard,

Yes you will need unique review links for each marketplace you are targetting, so for UK and .de/gp/ ..for Germany and so on.

Also, make sure you have added [email protected] to your Approved Senders list to every marketplace.



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