Posted November 16, 2018 at 12:46pm | 1 Response Resolved
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Is the software always this SLOW or just the free trial? It's been 2 weeks and only 5-6 emails. If I do 300 + orders a month It will take this software a year to do a months worth of emails.

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Hi Chad,

If you're referring to the number of sent emails, it would depend how you setup the Hunts. Usually when you use Delivered Status send trigger, it would often be a bit off as this is not run on any tracking numbers, it is run on algorithm calculation estimates, along with other factors suh as fulfillment type, delivery too early or delayed, distance, etc. so sometimes the emails may get sent too soon or a bit late.

There are quick fixes you can do, that is to manually adjust the send dates of the Pending emails from the Schedules tab ( or better yet use 'Shipped' status instead, then adding a few number of days that you determine is the average and usual days it will take for a buyer to get your product from the day they ordered.

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