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Fix Posted May 23, 2018 at 5:55am | 4 Comments
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Hey all,

Just wanted to send a message to our users and future users that Feedbackz is 100% compliant with Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation policy (aka GDPR).

We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service to reflect any new terms and conditions GDPR requires.

In short; most of our current TOS and Privacy Policy did not have to change much as GDPR was not that far off from current privacy and data laws; however, a few things such as data processing and other specific information concerning data requested from GDPR has been added.


James F.

1:29pm PST - Please see below for my reply with even more clarification about GDPR and how it affects Feedbackz and Amazon's buyer-messaging.

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Hi there,

im afraid but I think guys need to supply EU customers with a DATA PROCESSING CONTRACT BASED ON GDPR...




[email protected] May 24, 2018 at 2:40pm

Thanks for the concern. To our understanding and research and other SaaS operators. That is inside the Privacy Policy. Data Processing clauses have always been in our Privacy Policy since 2014 with some minor revisions for GDPR. The Privacy Policy itself is the contract that was in agreement when signing up for the account via Terms of Service.

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Wow Guys.. You didn't get the point!

[email protected] May 24, 2018 at 2:41pm

Peter, I'd love to hear more.

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On the flip side; there are two areas here for GDPR. Feedbackz's Privacy Policy and then the Seller's Privacy Policy.

That is where the grey area starts. A privacy policy is actually a legal document, and there is no way I can provide that. I am no lawyer and I also have no idea what other third-party services you use as a seller because all of that would need to be included into your Privacy Policy if you are posting it under your Seller Profile in Seller Central.

I can give some advice however; in the case of using only Feedbackz, you fall under the 'data processor' definition. The main points you'll need to identify within your own individual Seller's Privacy Policy is:

  • What specific data points you are collecting like buyer name, address, phone, etc.
  • How you use this data and it's purpose (for each service like Feedbackz, etc.)
  • What happens during data breaches (in Feedbackz's case, you don't store data so likely no breach unless you do with MWS API in other ways)
  • Contact information

Again; I can't even give a template or outline because it's an actual legal document in where every seller would have a custom one depending on what all they do, use, etc. with their Amazon account and selling activities.

I can however help with as much as I know about GDPR and making things compliant.

In short; the actual process of sending follow-up messages post-purchase is under no threat by GDPR. Meaning you can still do this. Amazon takes care of the only clause of "un-subscription" and the stuff around opting-in because a buyer essentially agrees to Amazon's terms during purchase.

I'll be here by this thread if any European sellers have any questions!


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Hi James,

thanks for your reply.

As far as I know, every European company who uses a service provider that processes personal data (like feedbackz) must have a commissioned processing contract based on GDPR. This contract is mandatory for European companys to use data processing providers.

For further information please have a look here: https://www.activemind.de/en/data-protection/documents/commissioned-processing-contract/

There's also a contract template available for download.



[email protected] May 27, 2018 at 10:36pm

Hey Alex, Thanks for the link and and explanation. Will do more researching. It appears to be so much confusion, mis-information, and contradictions.. Will spend this week trying to go through the spaghetti. Thanks again.

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