Wrong reports, no product reviews

Posted May 6, 2018 at 2:00am | 2 Responses Resolved
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We are using feedbackz for 9 days and it seems to be a total mess. The number of imported orders do not make any sense at all. However, I'm not sure if this is a issue of your reports or an issue with the actual importing. Addtitionally, tracking product reviews has worked for 2 days and since then no new review has been recognized. There have been ~10 new reviews since then.

We love the simplicity of your service but if it is not working and we can't rely on it we will need to have a look for other services. Could you please be honest with us if this is a temporary issue (e.g. because of performance issues) or if your service will remain on that level of quality?




Thank you very much,




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Hi Leander,

So what I think you are seeing is there is a slight delay in the way orders are imported, meaning that what you see in Orders on Seller Central don't necessarily match up to what Amazon API actually sends us in our app.

For some reason or another, Amazon only sends us "Completed" order information throug their API, but "Completed" means the order is completely paid for and shipped on Amazon's end before they send us the order info via API. Whereas; on Seller Central the orders you see are "Pending" in Amazon's backend.

So there will often times be a slight delay or a small mis-match on the number of orders imported.

For the Product reviews alert, this is an ongoing known issue that our Dev team are working on, this is due to Amazon limiting scraping off the reviews as we increase our methods,we are looking at improving this over the next few weeks or so, but we really can't determine an exact timeline for this yet.

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Hi Phil,

I guess we use the same API for our information. I only see shipped FBA orders as well as paid orders where we ship ourselves. Also, this is not "a slight delay or a small mis-match", but a delay of at least one week now and several hundred orders so far.

Sorry to say so but I think your customer service is really bad. I repeatetly asked you if you have any issues temporarily. You repeatetly denied to check and just answered with obviously wrong phrases and I highly doubt that you even checked the table I attached to this.

At the moment there is not a single feature of all your features that is working reliably. You don't track reviews, you don't import orders reliable, opt-out emails are not recognized even with auto-foreward, your daily reports are random numbers and have nothing in common with neither reality nor what you display in the web app.

We will wait for one more week and see if the performance improves and then decide if we leave. However, we are not willing to pay a company for not doing it's job and false claims it can't keep up.

Best Regards,


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