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How does the Free Trial work?

Your first 25 days are free with all features including 50,000 emails. Near the end of the 25 days, you can choose whether or not to continue with one of the plans shown above or simply dis-continue use and account will automatically go in-active.

Do Europe sellers get charged extra?

No extra charges. A plan's price is only based upon number of emails sent. So no matter if you use just one European marketplace or or two or all five; the price is based upon your combined total emails.

Do you have a free plan for small users?

We only offer the lowest $9/month plan outside of the Free trial. To provide the absolute best software possible; we re-invest almost all our revenue right back to fund the top premium designers and talent.

Can I change plans for spikes in sales?

Sure can. Many users upgrade temporarily to cover the extra emails for that time, then downgrade soon after. Any upgrades will only be pro-rated for the days used!

What if I go over my plan's limit?

No problems, we'll send you a friendly reminder that you are nearing your plan's limit. Once the max is reached, the scheduled Pending emails will sit in queue and will send out once your plan re-cycles or you upgrade.

How do I cancel a plan?

Simply head to Settings > Billing and you will see the option to cancel as a grey button. Couple clicks and your plan will be cancelled immediately and card will no longer be charged.

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